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Know Thyself – Messages for Momentum, Choice & Change




Please see the info posted below regarding this ongoing offering.

I am available to host this event in private venues for 6 to 10 people. It’s an intensive and deep format that is best experienced in an intimate setting. Contact me with inquiries or questions at 828-702-1197.


An evening with Intuitive Astrologer Liz Gunn

 Know Thyself – Messages for Momentum, Choice & Change 
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM 
In this unique cross section of astrological wisdom and channeled guidance from planetary beings, Intuitive Astrologer Liz Gunn will share personal messages from each person’s astrological blueprint pertaining to the current nature of change. This one of a kind dialogue focuses on the individual quality of lived experience – in service to the Soul – as translated through an astrological lens.
Come with questions and a willingness to explore a renewed potential for faith and hope in the human experience. A message for one is a message for all so each person’s narrative connects to the whole. This is a powerful and impactful format in an intimate setting that allows for deep interaction with Guidance from beyond the realm of the mind.
Comments from recent gatherings:
“WOW!! That was an incredible event!! You are truly gifted and talented. Thank you for sharing your gifts with others and at such an opportune time in our human history. Thank you so much for an evening of clarity, wisdom and of deep connection to what is important.”
“I attended this event last night and all I can say is WOW!! Liz’s insights for us collectively and individually revealed her deep and intimate connection to the planetary beings. Just as Liz is no ordinary astrologer, this was definitely no ordinary presentation.”
“It was a fantastically rich evening! I really appreciate what you do and how committed you are to relaying the information as clearly and accurately as possible.”
“I want to acknowledge your modeling what you are teaching: listening in the moment for what I call “What Wants to Happen” and apprenticing yourself to that deep listening. Your willingness to take risks, to trust, to pioneer, is inspiring.”
“To say Liz is an astrologer, completely misses the mark. In point of fact, she’s a cosmological intuitive – a Star Whisperer- receiving messages far beyond our five sensory (terra firma) system.”