Chiron Return: Ages 49 – 52

Chiron ReturnI consider myself an expert on this subject with regards to my singular understanding of this planetary influence. Not only have I recently emerged from this extraordinary time, I chronicled the experience in my book, Entering the Mystery with Radical Trust – A Story of Faith. This is an astrological event by transit that occurs for everyone in this particular age range. It involves the minor planet Chiron and represents themes of core wounding that have been active throughout life. The purpose of the Chiron Return is layered with meaning. It demands that we reconcile our deepest pain and our relationship to the flawed, mortal human that we inevitably must accept with the spiritual quest to heal our wounds, both physical and psychological. It is a transit of significant integration and great opportunity to step over a missed threshold into a lived experience of healing and reclamation of our greatest gifts.

With deep compassion and gentle but direct focus, I will guide you into the themes and astrological patterns surrounding the current life events. Health crisis, job loss, security fears, relationship issues, disillusionment with specific areas of life, failed ideals and the death of a parent or loved one are some of the scenarios that can launch us into this quest for understanding. Underneath the pain is the key to a treasure chest of riches that meld the alchemical fire of unification into integrated wholeness. You will benefit from this reading with a genuine sense of personal validation and an orientation towards specific astrological insights to bolster you during this important evolutionary process.

Fee: $195
Reading Length: 90 minutes