Chiron Mentoring

Female CentaurThis particular format is designed for those who are in their Chiron Return (Age 49 -52) and have a desire for deeper support and understanding.  We will meet 4 times over a 4-6 month period using your astrological profile to understand life long themes that are now back up for deeper intergration and reclaimation of a more empowered sense of Self.

Fee: Week 1 will include a comprehensive Chiron Return reading – $195, Week 2, 3, 4 – $125 per session

Week One: Experiential Rites of Passage

We will explore how important it is to navigate the depths of our human experience as we work with the release of emotional density.

During this time of significant reorientation, the demands on our physical and emotional structure are great. In order to recalibrate our vibrational frequency to the higher levels of experience, we need to learn new skills to stabilize the energies of change and release.

Being attuned to subtle levels of perception and our response to embracing a new direction is a deeply personal process. We will discuss aspects of our current journey demanding our attention that require greater trust and surrender.

I will incorporate relevant astrological insights for deeper personal reflection as it is appropriate in each week’s discourse.

Week Two: The Point of No Return

As logic, linear thinking and rational analysis no longer provide a safe haven from what is, alternate clues begin to be revealed from the inner landscape. These clues are the serendipitous signs that serve to enhance our ability to see in new ways.

The Point of No Return is less about a specific moment in time and more about a growing awareness that external security is an illusion. Without a compass to navigate with and nothing to lose, a deep knowing compels you to continue forth relying only on your inner truth to guide you into uncharted territory.

When consensus reality and cultural conditioning becomes irrelevant to WHO YOU ARE, you have reached the point of no return. We will discuss what that point looks and feels like through the lens of our personal perceptions.

Week Three: The Divinity that Unites All Experience

When we understand and recognize the opportunity our emotional experiences provide, we can begin to stabilize the currents of core issues into a new foundation of consciousness.

Karmic resolution is enhanced and activated by acknowledging repeating themes that are now erupting to move you forward into higher categories of experience.

We simply can NOT transcend our humanity while still inhabiting the body. This physical vehicle serves to unite us in a common experience where we can learn together how to stand at the crossroads between human and divine.

It is through immersing ourselves in the fullness of our habits, patterns and interactions with one another that we discover the magic and mystery of being alive. You will be reminded that the Universe is always working for the ultimate expression of our Highest Good.

Week Four: Experience Your Experience.
Live Your Life Fully.
Feel Your Feelings Deeply.

Obstacles and challenges provide a rich depth of experience. Contrasts, highs and lows, stumbling blocks – these must all be embraced so that we can be freed from the perpetual cycle of creating situations that no longer serve us.

Clarity is derived though savoring each moment, each experience without judgment (blissful or difficult and everything in between) in order to arrive at a higher state of self-awareness.

We can’t measure the reward or opportunity inherent in our humanity while in the midst of it. In this last week together, we come full circle back to trust and surrender. Living with faith and courage into the mystery – into the unknowable realm of our existence – helps us to traverse the human road.

We will discuss the importance of emotions as a key characteristic of our humanness. Transcendence comes through the complete embodiment of our limitations on all levels. Ultimately, spiritual progress comes through grace, self-love, acceptance and immersion into the world of form.