Life Skills Mentoring




AGE 24 to 33

This is an innovative and deeply personal approach to help you navigate next steps in a practical, efficient manner – according to the truth of who you are. Your astrological blueprint is a tremendous resource to access insight through a lens aligned to higher consciousness. On a nuts and bolts level, your chart provides guidance about where you are on the timeline of karmic maturity and what needs to be addressed in order to move forward – separate from cultural/family conditioning.

I have come to understand that there is a phenomenal need for support, validation, compassion and respect for this time of radical breakthrough into new forms of expression. The development of skills and talents related to each person’s agreement to be here now are central to our understanding of the bigger cosmic story.

This groundbreaking mentorship series takes into account my deep belief in your individuality as an expression of your unique contribution to the planet. Know Thyself is the essential mantra for the unfolding of a truly original life. The world needs you now more than ever and the demand for self-change, courage, inspired action and fearless faith has never been greater.

This work is not about any grandiose gesture, quantum leap, or being beyond where you are – it’s more subtle, soulful, guided, real, and most of all – it’s about fulfilling a need. The one you were born to fulfill. It’s about impact. The impact and value of your presence on this earth right now.

What to expect:

Session 1: Full Intuitive Astrology Reading to identify areas of current growth, healing, and karmic mandates for self-change.

Session 2:  We will explore challenges, limiting beliefs, and patterns of behavior that no longer serve a more mature, self-reliant and confident ability to live according to YOUR values and truth.

Session 3:  Identify specific areas that need more structure, goal setting, commitment and responsibility. Create a plan of action to move forward with a sense of purpose and direction.

**Each session will also incorporate and include guidance from the planetary beings, divination, and practices to become more attentive with the oracle of daily living.


Appointments will be spaced 2 weeks apart to allow time and space for integration into daily life. Payment in FULL prior to first appointment is preferred to ground the commitment into action. Fee is $225 for all 3 sessions ($75 each). If payment must be made per session, fee is $85. I will absolutely accept requests for fee adjustments. However, value reciprocation is an important quality to instill as you go forward in your work.

“When I think of what it feels like to work with Liz, I imagine a giant mirror of polished mica, reflecting the images I hold and the gentle flaking away of layers to reveal new crosshairs and previously inarticulate habits. I’m so grateful for the time Liz has committed to helping midwife new kinds of self-knowing into my days.

For me thinking about stars and cosmologies can suck me into my head and I’m always reminded anew when sitting with Liz that she is so excellent at relating to planetary influences with a material and steady everyday-ness  And how lucky for us that our community holds someone so adept at reading the queerly woven fabrics of our universe!”  Naomi U., Massachusetts

“Working with Liz has really focused my understanding of my path, my agency to work towards my true powerful self, and supported my ability to cultivate and manifest during times of struggle. Liz’s deep authentic connection to her spiritual self makes sessions such an inspiring delight! The space held in these sessions has been invaluable in doing powerful healing work.”  Rae S., Asheville, NC

“This mentoring series looks great! I like how it is mapped out to increase the level of accountability for the individual. I can see this work opening up anyone’s ability to operate at a higher level than the self-serving, materialistic baseline that we are encouraged to pursue as young consumers and draw our attentions back to intention, purpose, and how we can adjust our daily lives in a realistic way. I’ve been recommending the chart reading with karmic mandates to anyone that seems open to reflecting and finding out what their higher self’s needs are and what their soul is up to.” Kimala L., Asheville, NC